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Religious Studies and Baha'i Studies

The following are some articles and papers authored by Moojan Momen,
some of them in conjunction with other authors

A. Articles for the Baha'i Encyclopedia

The following articles were written for possible inclusion in
A Short Encyclopedia of the Baha'i Faith, an ongoing project of the
United States National Spiritual Assembly.
These drafts have not been edited and will not appear in the encyclopedia
in their present form. Hence they should not be considered representative of the project.

Ages and Cycles
Akhund, Haji (Haji Mulla `Ali-Akbar Shahmirzadi)
`Ali Bastami, Mulla
Amin, Haji Abu'l-Hasan
Badi` Khurasani
Baha'i Faith, Early Western Accounts of the
Baha'i Faith, Scholarship on the
Baha'i History (with Peter Smith)
Browne, Edward Granville
Buddhism and the Baha'i Faith
The Covenant
Esslemont, John E .
Gulpaygani,  Mirza Abu'l-Fadl
Iran (including Baha'i histories of the provincesof Iran)
Shi`i Islam and the Baha'i Faith
United Kingdom

B. Papers

1. The Baha'i Faith 1957-1988: A Survey of Contemporary Developments (with Peter Smith)

2. The Religious Background of the 1979 RevolutionIn Iran

3. The Baha'i Influence on The Reform Movements of The Islamic World in the 1860s And 1870s

4. The Cyprus Exiles

5. The Baha'i Community of Ashkhabad; Its Social Basis and Importance in Baha'i History

6. The Baha'i Community of Iran: Patterns of Exile and Problems of Communication

7. The Trial of Mulla `Ali Bastami: A Combined Sunni-Shi`i Fatwa against the Bab

8. A Study of the Meaning of the Word "al-Amr" in the Qur'an and in the Writings of Baha'u'llah

9. A Preliminary Survey of the Baha'i Community of Iran during the Nineteenth Century

10. "The Babi and Baha'i community of Iran: a case of 'suspended genocide'?" Journal of Genocide Research, 7(2), (June 2005), 221B241. Note this link loads a Word document

11. Changing Reality: the Baha'i Community and the Creation of a New Reality   História, Questões & Debates, vol. 22, no. 43, (Jul-Dec 2005), pp. 13-32; Note: this link takes you away from this site

12. Marginality and Apostasy in the Baha'i Community. Religion 37 (2007), pp. 187-209. See also my response to replies to this paper that have been published: Replies Response

13. Messianic Concealment and Theophanic Disclosure Note: this link takes you away from this site and opens an Adobe PDF document

14. The Baha'is and the Constitutional Revolution: The Case of Sari, Mazandaran, 1906-1913Iranian Studies, volume 41, number 3 (June 2008) 343- 363. Note this link loads a Word document

15.   Millennialism and Violence: The Attempted Assassination of Nasir al-Din Shah of Iran by the Babis in 1852. Nova Religio: The Journal of Alternative and Emergent Religions, Volume 12, Issue 1 (Aug. 2008) 57B 82. Note this link loads a PDF document

16.  The Constitutional Movement and the Baha'is of Iran: The Creation of an ‘Enemy Within’. British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies,  Volume 39, Issue 3, (2012), pages 328-346

17.  The Baha’is and the Constitutional Revolution: The Case of Sari, Mazandaran, 1906–1913. Iranian Studies, volume 41, number 3, June 2008, pp. 343-363.







C. Translations

1. `Abdu'l-Baha's Commentary on the Islamic Tradition: "I Was A Hidden Treasure . . ."  - A Provisional Translation

2.  Bahá'u'lláh's Tablet of the Uncompounded Reality (Lawh Basít al-Haqíqa) - A Provisional Translation

3. Baha'u'llah's Tablet of Unity (Lawh-i Ittihad)

4. `Abdu'l-Baha's Commentary on the Qur'anic Verses concerning the Overthrow of the Byzantines: the Stages of the Soul

5. `Abdu'l-Bahá's Tablet on the Functioning of the Universal House of Justice


D. Some Baha'i Scriptures in Arabic

Some of the Hidden Words

Website for the `Irfan Colloquia - for scholarly and academic articles about the Baha'i Faith

Website for the Baha'i Studies Review - for academic articles about the Baha'i Faith



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