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We hope to have details and price list by the end of July for the porcelain "Carmel" which has been specially-designed for Carmel and Ashley.

In the meantime the following is a price list (in both Pounds Sterling and US Dollars) for a tea service of "Heirloom Canton" which will be specially stamped on the reverse to commemorate the wedding.

Heirloom Canton

Cantonware has been part of our heritage ever since trade with China got into full swing during the 18th Century.

Porcelain featuring scenes of Canton have graced the tables throughout Europe and America. The exceptionally well-painted pieces were often gilted to emphasise their beauty and worth.

Heirloom Canton draws its lineage form this tradition.

 This list is updated regularly
Heirloom Canton
Item  Description GBP Unit Cost
HC200 Coaster 5.25 
HC201 Tea Flask 26.25 
HC202 Small Lobed Tray 10.50 
HC203 Small Rectangular Tray 13.30 
HC204 Leaf Tray 15.75 
HC205 Master Salt 17.50 
HC211 Trumpet vase 39.90 
HC212 Small Sauce Tureen & Stand 105.00 
HC212B Tureen Stand 32.90 
HC253 Dessert Plate 13.30 
HC255 Tea C/S 21.00 
HC256 Coffee C/S 15.75 
HC258 Coffeepot 52.50 
HC259 Creamer 26.25 
HC260 Covered Sugar 31.50 


Item  Description USD Unit Cost
HC200 Coaster 7.50 
HC201 Tea Flask 37.50 
HC202 Small Lobed Tray 15.00 
HC203 Small Rectangular Tray 19.00 
HC204 Leaf Tray 22.50 
HC205 Master Salt 25.00 
HC211 Trumpet vase 57.00 
HC212 Small Sauce Tureen & Stand 150.00 
HC212B Tureen Stand 47.00 
HC253 Dessert Plate 19.00 
HC255 Tea C/S 30.00 
HC256 Coffee C/S 22.50 
HC258 Coffeepot 75.00 
HC259 Creamer 37.50 
HC260 Covered Sugar 45.00 

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